Luxury Stone Baths & Acrylic Baths


The Air Spa Bath Systems


Our range of freestanding composite stone baths, which incorporates the latest air spa, hydrotherapy and chromo-therapy technology, offers an authentic therapeutic experience in the comfort of your own home.

Luxury Air Spa baths use warm air which is blown through a series of mini jets positioned on the base of the bath to create a soft cascade of bubbles which creates a gentle massaging flow throughout the bath. The air travels vertically upwards across the full length and width of the body creating a massaging effect for the muscles to soothe and relax you.

Our unique design enables us to incorporate the complete spa system inside the bath.

The air blower is incorporated within the recess of the bath as standard, however for variable control the blower would need to be sited outside of the bath. The spa system is available with electronic pads which are fitted to the side of the bath or available with a water-proof remote control. The operations control programme features variable power settings to increase and decrease the intensity of the bubbles.

Air spa baths are perfect to use when you want to relax at the end of a hard day at home or work.

The benefits of using a air spa.

Using  a spa systemhas many numerous health benefits. After a long day at work or just after exercise the spa can sooth and help with muscle relaxation whilst aiding mental, physical and emotional well being.  It can also help in reducing tension and anxiety. It helps in improving blood circulation and in delivering oxygen and nutrients to muscles.

Spa massage also stimulates lymphatic system, which carries away body’s waste products. It can also give instant relief to strains and cramps after exercise. It adds glow to skin and helps in rejuvenating skin tissue and reduces scar marks and stretch marks on skin. One of the key benefits of using an airspa is that it helps the bodyrelease endorphins-amino acids, which works as natural pain killers.

Key benefits

·         Heat: With warm water your body temperature increases allowing blood vessels to dilate which result in increased blood circulation allowing aches and sore muscles to heal

·         Water Buoyancy:  By supporting your body weight it will relieve the pressure on your muscles and joints helping relaxation and personel wellbeing.

·         Personel well-being: Whirlpool spa baths can  effectively prevent stress and everyday tensions as the muscles relax,  furthermore the whirlpool experience creates a calming effect on the mind.

·         Warm air spa systems help stimulate the circulation and help regenerate the skin.

·         We also offer a full Hydro-therapy spa system that incorporates a series of multiple jets that create a greater spa experience. With adjustable water massage jets which are directional they can be individually targeted to specific areas of the body, and the air &water mix can be varied to suit the user,  system of unique front & back jets help simulate a full spa massage which loosens tension on the back and shoulders and encourages wellbeing.