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Air Spa, Lights or Both?


The air Spa bath system uses warm air which is blown through a series of mini jets positioned flush and discreetly onto the base of the bath creating a soft cascade of bubbles which gently massage and flow throughout the bath. The air travels vertically upwards across the full length and width of the body creating a massaging effect for the muscles to soothe and relax.

The spa system is incorporated within the recess of the bath. The only external part of the spa is the warm air heated blower which is fitted with a special air silencer. The spa system is operated by a small hand held water-proof remote control pad. The remote pad allows the user to control the spa with ease. The spa  program features variable power settings to increase and decrease the intensity of the bubbles.

Colour Changing Underwater Mood Lights

The underwater light system consists of 18 Light emitting diodes. On switching the light on from the control pad the light will rotate through all seven colours of the rainbow on a 20 second cycle blending slowly into the next colour, on the second push you can select one of the seven colours to stay in its solid state, on the third push the light will switch off. As the light is 12 volts and does not get hot you can switch the light on when the bath has no water in the bath.

The choice is yours.